About nhancers

I’m Neha, Your Career Strategist and Advisor!

I am a bilingual (English & French) recruitment professional based in Toronto, Canada, who has helped large international firms hire top talent within different fields within Europe and North America. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Master’s Degree in Promotional Media: Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing.  I have advised and coached hundreds of early, mid and senior career professionals discover their professional calling, make career transitions, enhance their resumes, professional online presence and build their professional network.

My Story:

I discovered my passion in career coaching at the start of my career in Canada when I was new to the country and trying to discover my own professional path. I started as a technical recruiter helping IT professionals craft their mission statements, developing their career strategy plans and helping them through interview processes. I am a strong believer in perseverance, patience and not settling for less. Nearly half a decade in Canada, I can tell you that patience was my greatest test but the most gratifying one.

With a professional background in technical and non-technical recruitment in various industries across Canada from telecom, retail, distribution, manufacturing, financial services, datacenters, tech and many more, I have been fortunate to have partnered with some of the most prestigious business and clients across Canada. I want to believe I have successfully made a positive impact in job seekers lives and built wonderful professional relationships and even made lifetime friends.

I am mostly known in my circle for being process-driven and career-obsessed and I am 101% OK with that! I founded nhancers to help people take ownership of their careers and enhance further!

My ultimate belief is that anyone, I mean it, anyone, can outdo themselves and take charge of their own careers by holding themselves accountable. With the right combination of perseverance, accountability, and patience – success happens. That’s it.


BOOK 1-on-1 Consulting Sessions with Neha

Guidance Prior to Launching Your Career in Canada

Consultation call with nhancers, your essential guide to understanding and navigating the Canadian job market. Gain insights into the cultural and professional nuances, get equipped with vital tools for a smooth career transition into Canada. Ideal for newcomers or those planning to immigrate to Canada soon.

Resume Review for Early Careers

One-on-one resume review call with nhancers, ideal for fresh graduates, first-time job seekers, or professionals with less than two years of experience. Providing detailed feedback on your resume, by assessing its effectiveness while identifying areas for improvement, and offering personalized recommendations to help you stand out in job applications.

Resume Review for Experienced Professionals

A focused, one-on-one consultation call designed for professionals with more than two years of experience. nhancers' specialized resume review provides detailed feedback and personalized improvement strategies, helping your application stand out in the competitive job market.

LinkedIn Review

A focused LinkedIn optimization call involving comprehensive evaluations of your profile, providing insightful feedback and tailored strategies for creating a compelling online presence and professional brand. Attract potential employers, recruiters, and industry peers with a standout LinkedIn profile, a beacon for lucrative career opportunities.

Interview Preparations

Interactive session, ideal for specific or general interview preparation to amplify your responses and communication with potential employers. Please note, this service does not cover technical, coding, or design preparations.